Interior Design

DC Fine Homes - Interior Design, Eugene, Oregon

DC Interiors specializes in working with designing and re-designing spaces to provide better use of space, function, and thematic elements. Sometimes all someone needs is a few new ideas to kick-start their new project, and other times there is a bigger need for direction. Organizing strategies, lighting variation, or creating a grand entrance needed? Need some advice on sprucing up the interior or exterior of your home, or could use some help with some inexpensive, fresh ideas for your new construction project? We are here to assist you!

Mary Cooper has more than 17 years of experience in Interior Design, and has a knack for establishing a theme through color, textures, and fixture selection. She also specializes in the design of kitchens, and working together with her husband Duane can establish effective schematic design for the grand kitchen in your next or current home. Mary also assists in many details of our Fine Homes division, and provides one on one consulting for private projects.

"Need some advice on sprucing up the interior or exterior of your home? Need help with some inexpensive, fresh ideas with your new construction?"

Dan Cooper concentrates on structural and interior space design in remodels and new home projects. Built-ins, lighting, cabinet design, and providing innovative and unique ideas to the home for appeal and comfort of living is his focus. Dan heads up the DC Fine Homes company direction and provides design counsel on all DC Fine Homes projects.

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